PCLinuxOS Magazine October 2009
Issue 33

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  • Welcome From The EditorI'd like to extend special thanks to Texstar, as well as the Packaging Crew, for their continuing hard work that has enabled PCLinuxOS to continue to evolve as one of the best (if not the best) Linux desktop system out there.
  1. PCLinuxOS: 6 Years OldPCLinuxOS is celebrating its 6th birthday on October 24, 2009.
  2. Happy Birthday PCLOSWe have a new birthday song for PCLOS!
  3. Top Seven Reasons To Choose PCLinuxOSI shall present the top seven reasons why consumers should replace Windows with PCLinuxOS, instead of upgrading to Windows 7.
  4. Phoenix 2009.4Although the XFCE desktop environment is a light weight desktop, Phoenix is a heavy weight contender.
  5. Double TakeA Halloween Cartoon Challenge!
  6. Gimp TipThese clouds were created by Gimp simply by selecting a brush shape.
  7. Gutsy Geeks Speak LinuxThey want you to - at the very least - give Linux a try.
  8. Scanner SagaIf you have just gotten a scanner, you can configure it very easily in PCLinuxOS.
  9. Game Zone: PCLinuxOS and Second LifeOne of the first steps is creating your own avatar. This will depend on learning a small amount of information that can easily be found in the SL Wiki and Video tutorials.
  10. PCLinuxOS User at LinuxConThe event was a series of keynote talks, with other specialized talks in between geared toward developers, business, and operations (networking).
  11. October: Breast Cancer Awareness MonthGiven its prevalence, chances are exceptionally high that your life has been impacted by breast cancer, either personally, or you know someone who has battled breast cancer, or you know someone who has a loved one who has battled breast cancer.
  12. Through The Lens: Gimp BasicsThis month, I shall cover the basics of the premier photo editing tool for PCLinuxOS, the GIMP. GIMP stands for GNU Image Maniuplation Program, and is a Free and Open Source equivalent to Adobe's Photoshop.
  13. System SecretsLet's take a tour of System and see what's there.
  14. Catilley's TestimonialI would like to give PCLinuxOS a shot, because of the strong support that I heard is there. But I need to confirm, is this distro really for a newbie? I hope so, because I'm tired of being told what I can and can't do with Windows.
  15. Forum Foibles I had the opportunity to speak in depth with Neal Brooks and am happy to share with you replies in his own words from the forum of course.
  16. KDE 4.3.1Texstar waited until KDE 4 was ready, and it has paid off in stability and PCLinuxOS users are very pleased.
  17. Acer Aspire One UpdateThis month I got a little adventurous and installed KDE 4.3.1 via PCLinuxOS Minime 2009.
  18. Flashback: HTML Thumbnail GalleryTim Robinson's December 2006 article has been updated by Andrew Strick (Stricktoo).
  19. Gadgets & Gear: SanDisk SansaClipWith the SanDisk Sansa Clip, interfacing with PCLinuxOS is as easy as plug-n-play.
  20. Computer Languates A to Z: DylanIn 1992, Apple Computers had a group of engineers working in Cambridge whose main task was to develop a new language for use on the Apple Newton PDA.
  21. Scripts-R-Us: AnankeLast month Leiche provided a bash/Zenity script GUI to several useful command line applications and commands. I had a few hours to spare and play around trying to decorate the script with GTKDIALOG, and this is the result.
  22. Let's Get LinuxLet's Do It!
  23. CLI Intro Episode 1Terminal? CLI? Console? What does it mean? CLI is short for Command Line Interface.
  24. Five Favorite Firefox ExtensionsEven if I had tried out every extension, those that meet my needs will obviously not meet everybody's. My intention is simply to highlight the extensions that I use the most.
  25. pullapint TestimonialI have had an overwhelmingly positive experience due to Tex and the PCLinuxOS team.