PCLinuxOS Magazine July 2007
Issue 11

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  • EditorialHere we are with the July 2007 issue already. PCLinuxOS 2007 has gone final and our forum has grown phenomenally in the last few weeks.
  • Letters to the EditorReader's bring us there questions and comments.
  1. 2007 ReviewIt's here, now let's see what 2007 has for you.
  2. How To ContributeFree Software? What can we give back?
  3. KDE User Guide Ch. 5A continuation of the series on KDE.
  4. KDE User Guide Ch. 6Take a second helping of KDE goodness.
  5. Ode To The GangThanks to Texstar and the "Ripper" Gang.
  6. Configuring Wireless RouterHere's some help for Linksys wireless PCMCIA cards.
  7. Restarting X WindowsAfter trying to install a graphics driver you are left at the command line with no desktop. What do you do?
  8. All Those DirectoriesMake sense out the Linux filesystem.
  9. Windows-Style Dialogs In FirefoxRid you Firefox those pesky Gnome-like dialogs.
  10. Opening Files In OpenOffice With Accented CharactersCan't get these characters - á, í, ó, à - in OpenOffice? Try this.
  11. We've Come Full CircleFrom the Network to the Home PC and back!
  12. 3 Quick TipsHere's a sample of some of the advice you will find on the PCLinuxOS Forum.
  13. Adding Media PlayersSetting up mimetypes. No, not like Marcel Marceau:).
  14. Get Email Addresses RightOr risk dire, (or funny), consequences!