PCLinuxOS Magazine November 2006
Issue 3

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  • Editorial In this issue we have a mix of articles for you to enjoy. There are tips for 'newbies' and also an article to help those who have problems getting X to start after an update (haven't we all had that happen at least once?). We have articles to bring you up to date on several of the PCLinuxOS remasters; I'm sure you'll all enjoy Rodney's second installment on Web page design and KDulcimer's insights into how to get several popular browsers to play nice with Google Mail.
  1. A Windows User's Delight As a former Windows user, I know that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the volume of available distributions. Often, to help decipher the lingo and choose a capable distribution, those new to the community seek guidance from existing users. Sometimes this can lead to a really positive result, as another Windows user joins the Linux community.
  2. Hooray for Linux The following is my experience, with my hardware, my software preferences and my own opinions. Although I will mention the other distro's that I tried to use, none of it should be considered "bashing" -- they may work for you and PCLinuxOS might not. All I know is that so far, PCLinuxOS is the only one that does work.
  3. Supergamer Supergamer is a remaster of PCLinuxOS, optimized for gaming. It includes video drivers for 3D acceleration and was originally based on PCLinuxOS version p.91. Darin, the developer, states that Supergamer is compatible with PCLinuxOS and you may use the normal PCLinuxOS servers via Synaptic to update it.
  4. TinyMe TinyMe is the latest PCLinuxOS effort intended to create a competitor to distributions such as Puppy and Feather Linux. It is targeted at computers that have little memory and/or a slow processor, while maintaining compatibility with the PCLinuxOS repositories.
  5. Kidsafe For many years, I've been fascinated by the idea of Linux and the Open Source community. Finally, in February of this year, I took the plunge and decided to give Linux a serious look. At every turn, I've been amazed at the progress that has been made. In fact, there's so much going on in the world of Linux these days, it's enough to make your head spin!
  6. Creating Web Pages - 2 In the last issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine we created a very basic web page. As stated before in the tutorial, the opening tags always have a closing tag. In the page below the main code tags that make the page.
  7. Gmail and Browsers Many people here have a GMail account and like to check it via the Web. However, GMail only officially fully supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, and Firefox. Many others here prefer Opera (which I use) or some other browser like Konqueror. In these browsers, some of the GMail features do not work or GMail does not work at all. Here, I'll tell you how to get GMail running to the best of your browser's ability.
  8. Tips for Newbies I've been using the PCLinuxOS distribution (distro) since May 2006. There were obstacles along the way, of course, but nothing that couldn't be solved with some help from the PCLinuxOS main forum, or by just experimenting. there were many instances, however, when I wished I had a person sitting next to me.
  9. Xorg.Conf Repair If you're like me, you change things constantly in your Linux desktop. I'm always entering and tweaking .conf files to see what I can do and where the limits of things might be. In my attempt yesterday to get my EXACT monitor supported in PCLinuxOS, I hosed my xorg.conf file.
  10. Surfing AnonymouslyRecently I needed to visit a site anonymously. That is, without that site being able to identify my IP address. There are services out there that perform this function, but for interactive web sites they charge an annual fee. If I had the money for that, I'd send it to Tex first. So...