Get GMail to Work in Your Browser

by Kdulcimer

Many people here have a GMail account and like to check it via the Web. However, GMail only officially fully supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, and Firefox. Many others here prefer Opera (which I use) or some other browser like Konqueror. In these browsers, some of the GMail features do not work or GMail does not work at all. Here, I'll tell you how to get GMail running to the best of your browser's ability.

Go to V --> Options --> Network--> change user agent to Mozilla 4.0. This will not fully enable GMail, but it will make it usable.
Go to, then open Tools --> Quick Preferences--> Edit site preferences--> Network--> change Browser Identification to "Mask as Mozilla?. Now log in and proceed as normal.
Flock needs no tweaking; GMail works perfectly.
In Konqueror, go to Settings --> Configure Konqueror --> Browser Identification --> set domain to, then set Konqueror to identify itself as Mozilla on Windows.
Elinks works surprisingly well with Gmail. I couldn't find any tweaks to make it work better.
Epiphany, Writely
Epiphany runs off the Firefox engine and requires no tweaking. The same is true for Writely.

Addendum by davecs:

How to make it EVEN BETTER in Firefox (This should work for Flock, too).

Add the following extensions:

  1. Greasemonkey
  2. Google Notebook
  3. GMail Manager (if you have more than one account)
  4. GSpace

Once you have added Greasemonkey, you can try the following greasemonkey scripts:

  1. GMail Cleanup
  2. GMail Unlabeled
  3. GMail Conversation Preview
  4. Hide GMail Right Side Ads
  5. Secure GMail
  6. Mailto Compose in GMail

The last of these is great, it makes any e-mail address link in your browser throw up a GMail compose window rather than starting Thunderbird or KMail.