Gaming with SuperGamer

by Tim Robinson

Editors Note: Some of the content of the Supergamer-1 DVD may be unsuitable for younger users. This article does not contain screenshots of such material.

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Supergamer is a remaster of PCLinuxOS, optimized for gaming. It includes video drivers for 3D acceleration and was originally based on PCLinuxOS version p.91. Darin, the developer, states that Supergamer is compatible with PCLinuxOS and you may use the normal PCLinuxOS servers via Synaptic to update it. Supergamer comes as a Live DVD, meaning it will run completely from your DVD drive, without modifying your hard drive in any manner. However, as with PCLinuxOS, it can be installed to your hard drive once you determine that this is what you wish. There is a wide range of games, both full versions and demos for you to enjoy. They include:

3D: America's Army, Cube, Doom 3, Enemy Territory, Legends, Nexiuz, Privateer, Quake 4, Soldier of Fortune, UFO: Alien Invasion, UT2004, Wesnoth

Arcade: BzFlag, Chromium, 3D Pinball, Frozen Bubble, Neverball, Neverput, Penguin Racer, Supertux, Tuxkart

Cards: Pysol

Strategy: Foobillards

Other included software:

Kernel: 2.6.13amd64op-smp squash 3 with source and stripped source installed

Office: OpenOffice 2

Misc: Xorg 6.8.2, gcc 3.3.1, Firefox 1.0.7, and kde 3.4.3.

Screen shots: In addition to screenshots included in this article, there is a large gallery available at

The impressive wall paper and related artwork was conceived by Darin's wife. You first meet the theme graphics during boot up. The icons and overall color scheme match the wallpaper throughout. The login screen also is slightly different to the standard PCLinuxOS distribution.

Darin says he created the Supergamer because of requests on the PCLinuxOS forum for a gaming version. He started with a basic PCLinuxOS base and added to it, based on suggestions from forum members. Apparently, it was a good direction. The Supergamer is constantly gaining support and interest.

Some of the more common Linux games are there. They all play as designed, and at good speed, even from the live DVD.

Even games such as Doom3 and Quake4 (demos included on the DVD), which make heavy demands on the system, play well. Delays are rare even though the software accesses the DVD. Screens tend to get darker as the quality setting is raised, but this is a function of the game software, and not due to PCLinuxOS Supergamer.

Quake4 suffered the same dark atmosphere at higher qualities. The screen shots are darker than the scenes appeared during play. Both games play well, even when running from the live DVD.

Soldier of Fortune is a slightly older game, so the graphics are not up to current levels, but it plays well, and makes relatively low demands on the system.

In the third screen shot below, you see what happens if you shoot your drill instructor in the head while playing America's Army. You go to Leavenworth, and sit. Nothing happens, you're just there.

If you like on line play, you'll enjoy Legends. The environment is interesting and the scenery is attractive.

Here are some screen shots from Cube and Nexiuz:

I've covered only part of the wide range of games and other software included in the Supergamer DVD. The download is 3.6 gigabytes, but if you have the bandwidth, it's definitely worth a look. There is a torrent available here: Supergamer Torrent. If you can't deal with a 3.6 gigabyte download, why not visit and purchase a DVD ready to use, for a very modest fee (doing so, also sends Texstar, PCLinuxOS's creator, a small donation).

There is an active board on the PCLinuxOS Forum for discussions, questions, or requests.