Here we are with the third issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine, and I feel confident that all our readers and our staff are pleased with the result. I know I am.

In this issue we have a mix of articles for you to enjoy. There are tips for 'newbies' and also an article to help those who have problems getting X to start after an update (haven't we all had that happen at least once?). We have articles to bring you up to date on several of the PCLinuxOS remasters; I'm sure you'll all enjoy Rodney's second installment on Web page design and KDulcimer's insights into how to get several popular browsers to play nice with Google Mail.

PCLinuxOS Magazine is a community effort. It is not my, nor any other individual's, project - it belongs to the PCLinuxOS community. It will develop and grow as we have participation from others in our community - both PCLinuxOS and Linux at large. We need input from our readers to make this magazine what you want it to be.

Here is how you can contribute:

First, and always, we need submissions. If you haunt the main forum at www.pclinuxos.com like I do, no doubt you have seen my posts asking for articles. Every day I visit the forum and read the new posts. It take lots of time, and there are some days when I simply cannot read them all. We have quite a few experienced users there who can explain a solution to a problem or steer someone to the answer they are seeking. Every month we need articles on subjects other PCLinuxOS users will find interesting or informative. I ask each of you to spend a little time in the forum and make a concerted effort to spot posts that will make good articles, or a person answering a question who might be able to provide an article. Send me a PM on the forum identifying the post and I will follow up and contact the poster to solicit an article. Or, if you prefer, collect all the information and write the article yourself. We don't care if you are not a professional writer; most of us aren't. Just put words together and send them to the magazine.

Second, we need your feedback. We all appreciate hearing that you are pleased with the magazine, but we'd also like to hear what you'd like to see changed or added. If you have an idea for an article, please let us know. Even if you can't write it yourself, your ideas are valuable to us.

Until next month, enjoy the magazine and let us know how we can improve. It is your magazine.


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