PCLinuxOS Magazine August 2009
Issue 31

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  • Editor's WelcomeAfter last month's many releases, there's even more just around the corner. XFCE, LXDE and e17 remasters are on the way!
  • Special Announcement:
    PCLinuxOS LXDE Released!
    The PCLXDE 2009.1 LiveCD features the LXDE desktop with lightweight applications for low end computers. It is small, fast and fun.
  • Konqueror KornerKonqueror is extremely customizable. Here is a collection of tips and information to make the most of it.
  • KDE KornerTips, Tricks, Apps and more for KDE
  1. Master The RemasterTex pitches in with a howto on creating the Perfect Remaster.
  2. Using Bookmarks in KonquerorThe funniest part is that it's so basic and simple that I couldn't figure out how I hadn't ever thought of it before!
  3. Deep Within the Blogosphere - Interview with WericLinux is becoming a better operating system, and the development is moving faster as more people begin to contribute. Eventually, development will be at such a pace that no single company could compete, even MS.
  4. Double Take / Mark's Quick Gimp TipAnother great cartoon and tips for success with Gimp.
  5. Timeth Wins PCLinuxOS Mascot Competition!Users visiting MyPCLinuxOS.com voted on their favorite mascot. The top three vote recipients were then voted on by the PCLinuxOS developers to decide the final winner.
  6. Repo Spotlight: addlocale and Get OpenOfficeAddlocale - Until now, the only way to help my friends adopting the best Linux distro was to figure out how to get PCLinuxOS in Italian.
    GetOpenOffice - GOO addresses all potential pitfalls when upgrading OpenOffice.
  7. PCLinuxOS International Community UpdateSince most PCLinuxOS users hail from the English-speaking world, I've invited members of the international community to update the rest of us on what kind of activities are going on in their corners of the PCLinuxOS world.
  8. Flashback: Creating a Favorite Application MenuBased on the original article by Pam Dougan in the April 2007 issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine.
  9. Wiki Wicket: Install/Setup checkgmailA column that features entries from the PCLinuxOS Wiki.
  10. 10 Commandments for Linux Users"Thou shalt not ... "
  11. Behind The Scenes: Old-Polack InterviewAn old guy at Best Buy pointed out that I could buy a Linux distribution, and would actually own it!
  12. Installing PCLinuxOS Without a CD/DVDAdd a boot entry to Windows to boot into the PCLinuxOS Live environment to install or just use it in 'Live' mode.
  13. Did You Know?The Linux kernel is an incredible piece of work. It provides the basis of one of the foremost representatives of open source software.
  14. Through The LensThe digital camera is not the only way to create digital photographs. If you have a large collection of photographs, an image scanner, is a necessity to get that collection onto your hard drive.
  15. Forum FoiblesFun at the Forum!
  16. Audio File Format ComparisionLast month we looked at image formats, now it is time to consider audio. Find out which format to use for your next sound project.
  17. almigi's WelcomeOver the course of the past few months, I've tried a few distros out, and learned a fair amount about Linux. ... What really sets distros apart (in my opinion) are:...
  18. Startup Volume ScriptSometimes while listening to music I will forget to lower the volume. So I wrote a small script.
  19. Ruel24: Profile of a Linux ArtistI've been using Linux since I first installed Red Hat 5.2. ... I installed Mandrake 7.0. That was the turning point in my life. Suddenly, Linux was a very viable alternative.
  20. PCLOS Arisin'Read and listen to ms_meme's musical tribute to the progress of our favorite distro!

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