PCLinuxOS Magazine September 2008
Issue 25

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  • From the Chief's DeskHowdy all! I am the new editor in chief now for the Magazine as Papawoob had to resign from the position due to personal reasons.
  • Quick TipHow to clean "Most Used Applications" for remastering.
  • Testimonials from PCLOS UsersI felt lucky when I found PCLOS around .090 I think... now I'm a lifer, and it was FATE.
  1. Gnome User GuideChapter 2: Using the Desktop
  2. KDE Desktop on PCLinuxOSChapter 6: Accessing the Internet - Revisited
  3. How to connect to XBox live with PCLinuxOS... The network test should pass at this point, and a connection will be made to XBox live. Which means... you're ready to play on XBox live!
  4. Linux Media Player Roundup - Part 3This time we look at Kplayer, Kaffeine, Mplayer and Miro.
  5. PCLinuxOS Based DistrosA list of currently active PCLinuxOS based distros.