PCLinuxOS Magazine December 2007
Issue 16

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  1. A Guide to Multi-bootingA PCLinuxOS user shares how he set up booting multiple operating systems.
  2. How to open .docx filesYou've got nearly perfect .doc files with OpenOffice and you're still hoping everyone will adopt the OpenDocument Format, but sometime soon you'll may be forced to deal with Microsoft's new .docx format. Here's how.
  3. NdiswrapperUntil we get full wireless vendor support for Linux, we have a very useful tool called ndiswrapper.
  4. Hardware DatabaseThe PCLinuxOS Hardware Database needs your help. Tell us what works, and what doesn't!
  5. Using Cron and RsyncHere's a few tricks to get and maintain your own complete copy of the PCLinuxOS Repositories.
  6. Camera ReviewStill looking for something to put under the Christmas tree? Maybe a Kodak MD853 Digital Camera is what your looking for.
  7. Open Wifi OpinionUnsecured hotspots - free for the taking or stealing?
  8. PCLOS Case Stickers - AdSay goodbye to "Designed for Microsoft Windows", and hello to "Powered by PCLinuxOS"!