PCLinuxOS Magazine May 2007
Issue 9

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  • EditorialThere are a bunch of good articles this month. Explore and enjoy.
  • Letters to the EditorNow it's your turn to give feedback and ask questions of our editors.
  1. 10 reasons to use LinuxHere is our countdown of the 10 most frequently cited reasons people use Linux.
  2. KDE User Guide part 2A Guide to KDE on PCLinuxOS, cont.
  3. ScroogleWho's Afraid of the Big, Bad Google?
  4. Linux in SchoolWhat will it take to get Linux in Education?
  5. Update or ReinstallThe most asked question on the PCLOS Forums - Please Read!
  6. DVD RAM in PCLOSLast time Clareoldie showed us how to use DVD-RW discs as a hard drive using UDF. Now, he brings us his experience with DVD-RAM.
  7. Dave's LamentNot all PCLinuxOS users are Geeks, some are Poets!
  8. Saving Flash AnimationsIf you ever wanted to do a 'file -> save page as' for a web page with flash animations and videos - Here's how.
  9. Saving settingsYou decided to re-install. Now you have to decide what to keep and how to do it. Don't worry, help is on the way.