PCLinuxOS Magazine April 2007
Issue 8

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  • EditorialWelcome to our April, 2007 issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine. Our staff has been very busy this past month, finding material and preparing it for your enjoyment.
  1. KDE on PCLinuxOSAdapted by papawoob from a United Nations Development Programme's Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme on KDE.
  2. A Letter To My Windows FriendsTired of your computer being used as a spambot? Call me.
  3. My FavoritesHow to make a custom My Favorites Menu.
  4. What's in a Password?How to protect your online identity.
  5. Free as in Free BeerA Look into the Concept of Free Software.
  6. What NOT To Do When Bored of Testing 2007Where's the thrill?
  7. Simple Ways to Do ThingsUsing PCLinuxOS there are many different ways to do things. Here are some of the easy ways.
  8. What is "Root"?Here's a forum discussion on the meaning and purpose of "root" in Linux.
  9. Bringing Linux to the KidsHere is one user's experience bringing PCLinuxOS to his nearly three year old grand-daughter.
  10. Vista Sucks Big TimeIt's slower, has obnoxious pop-ups and a higher price, but it looks good. Not as good as beryl, though. :)