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From The Assistant Editor's Desk...

by Meemaw

  Wow, back to school already! Well, around here, most of the schools started in mid-August, but it's definitely the beginning of the school year. Before I became a secretary, which I've been for twenty-seven years, I remember the first day of school. The teachers have been preparing for several weeks, many of them going in early to arrange classrooms and assemble bulletin boards, so the students see an organized, colorful atmosphere from day one. I was a secondary teacher (math), and I went in and did bulletin boards as well, but the elementary teachers usually do their whole room. I've seen book nooks in the corner, along with the books to read, colorful name signs for each desk, even posters with letters, shapes, numbers, and naturally, rules.

I have good memories of getting to know new students, and some different memories of things they said. I had an Algebra student who said over and over that she wouldn't EVER use Algebra, so she didn't know why she had to take it. I'm still friends with her and she's repeated that for years, along with posting on social media an answer to the question, "Name a book that made you cry" ... Algebra.

Most teachers have awesome students, great ones, and really awful ones! I've had my share of each, and it's a real balancing act to teach everyone and treat everyone equally even though you want to hug some, strangle some, and ignore others. It's also a balancing act to try to work with all levels of knowledge without totally ignoring some of them. You may have some that have trouble with everything, and some that get everything immediately, all in the same class, and it's hard to deal with that. Some teachers have a gift, while it's harder for others.

I have a niece who just got her teaching degree and started her first year. I'm excited for her, and curious to find out how she likes it. However, I probably won't ask until spring.

I really enjoyed my teaching years, but when the secretary job came along, I was ready for a change. Along the way, I have honed my organizational skills, hopefully taught some people, young and old, about agriculture and where your food originates, and gotten licensed to sell insurance (although I'm not an agent: I have to be licensed to help in the office). I've been there 27 years, and I still love it, but I'm actually considering retirement. At my age, it may be time. I won't retire from the magazine staff, but I'm sure my place is Assistant Editor, since Paul does such a wonderful job as Editor.


This month's cover was designed by parnote. It is based on an image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay. The pic above was one I created for the cover of the September, 2010 issue to celebrate back-to-school. The cover had more, but included this piece of clipart. I just found it and thought I'd share again.

As parnote would say, "Until next month, I bid you peace, happiness, serenity, prosperity, and continued good health!"

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