Forum Foibles: Limericks


Texstar wanted to make an ISO But found he was short on cash flow He took the risk And made the disc And we are glad that he did so

MeeMaw contemplating her desktop Said my artwork is a grotesque flop She bought a new drawing tool Thought it so cool And now her creations never do stop

AndrzejL kept making those tuts Tho' everyone thought he was nuts When he filmed KD4 Folks all asked for more And now just look how he struts

Panote said at last I'll quit smokin' Everyone thought he was jokin' Not one more puff Enough is enough Hear me he cried I have spoken


Neal hails from the state of Tennessee Where he's always drinking cof-fee From the rim of his cup He says what's up Come along now and sip with me

There once was a Montanan so noble A moderator of the forum so global Members caught in the lurch He'd tell them Go Search You guessed it - that's our Joble

Gseaman he went to Seattle To a conference all herded like cattle Thought he'd learn about Tux And a bit more Linux Turned out just a big bunch of prattle

Old Johnboy from the Isle of Erin Told the forum green to be wearin' They took his advice And said that's nice Where's the whiskey you're sharin'


There was a grnich who could boast Sandbox topics I've started the most Whether a Cocoon Egg Shower Or something more dour About it I'm ready to post

A mod by the name of old-polack-ee For a joke said the forum I'll hack-ee He read the How To And when he was through Decided it would be kind of tack-ee

Sammy2fish obsessed with the weather Saw snow coming down like a feather Cloudy windy or rainy It don't take much brainy To know we're all in it together

There was an artist named Linuzoid Making wallpaper he really enjoyed Come visit my gallery I get no salary It's just how I'm employed


Rudge being concerned with his trash Made a desktop folder in a flash I'll show others the trick I'll even post a pic And hope their systems don't crash

Georgetoon in need of a new box Went looking for something that rocks Through LinPC he did dig Finally got a new rig Weric had one in his stocks

HootieGibbon getting out of his cage Said I think I will go on the stage I'll dress up like Tux And make big bucks Being penned up is an outrage

Coffeetime plays games day and night A joystick is his delight You should see my technique It is quite unique Gaming my passions ignite


Wildman went to the Sandbox to find Ideas to stimulate his mind He read and read And then he said I found nothing there of the kind

Scoundrel said it's time to be nice I'll do it once - maybe twice He tried and tried And then he cried It's really not worth the price

Weirdwolf remarked in his stride Deep thoughts to the forum I'll provide But when he came 'round No thoughts were found Alas he said I tried

A member by the name of Blackbird Was rumored to be quite a nerd When he heard those views He said that's news And of course it's utterly absurd


Ms_meme really does like to tease She does it in different degrees When commanded to quit The more she'd commit And said I'll do as I please

Bones113 playing on his guitar Said I'm strumming this for Texstar For him I can sing Just any old thing You know he's a bit bizarre

Sproggy was in a bit of a stew Oh dear whatever shall I do In all of the rush I've lost my paint brush My artwork is looking askew

A gentleman from old Mexico Sat staring at the end of his toe He gave a hoot Said look on my boot I do believe it's a Crow


Pirate we all would agree Desktops a plenty has he Now he's got old cars It must be in the stars Would someone explain that to me

In the forum you'll find jaydot He thinks his posts are hot But if you inspect 'em You'll have to reject 'em As nothing but diddly squat

Whenever you're in a fix You'll be answered by member T-6 Whatever's involved It will be solved That's how he gets his kicks

In the forum if you find nothing new And all posts you've read twice thru Put your boredom aside Some HELP do provide YouCanToo does it so can you


MeeMaw painted a heart bright pink Archie said here's what I think Tho' the colors are true I prefer hearts of blue And he gave a sly little wink

Coolbreeze we cannot deny Does post a plentiful supply In that thread or this He's never remiss To make some silly reply

Texstar said I'm on a crusade To build the best system made I toil day and night To make it just right How come I'm so underpaid

Mokmeister bragged to his spouse I am the man of the house She saw his avatar And said Har Dee Har You look more like a mouse


Timeth made a sensation Dobie the bull is his creation It is really quite clever A lasting endeavor He deserves all our admiration

I really don't mean to defy I'm only giving a short reply But when you say my name If it's all the same Please pronounce it GuynotGuy

A member by the name of davecs While working on PCLOS projects Said there's really nothing to it I just have to do it That's what Tex expects

O-P and a wall that was plastered For lunch he decided he'd mastered With his fork and a chew He spit out said euww You can't eat wall you O-P rudge


In this forum posters should fear The old-polack that almost lives here If they post something crude Or exceptionally rude Their postings just might disappear old-polack

Old-polack has sent me a sign For my posts there might be a fine My limerick was wrong Apologies in song So long as you never delete mine rudge

There once was two girls and a cup My friend said watch this close up Then Tex chickend out But ms_meme held stout And ended the rhyme with a Yup Texstar/ old-polack

Sometimes I'm not good with a rhyme Other times I end up fine A limerick is fun When its properly done But that would just take too much time athaki


Meme sang a song or two While singing she doodled and drew When her pics were done And she'd had her fun She posted quite a few

We had fun fanfare and fright We recognized ourselves a mite It was us she was drawing She had found her calling And had us pegged alright

One song two three then four I sat back and waited for more In each magazine she brings Joy as she sings She says she has more in store Joble

A member by the name of F.Luent About English he was pursuant It never makes much sense No matter the tense I never will become fluent


MaddogF16 is an expert on hardware For it he has quite a flair He gets out the quirks And then it all works You'll not be left in dispair

Limericks I have written a lot Then travis I almost forgot But I'm not to blame Just look at his name It ends in N aught aught

Archie told ms_meme to sing The magazine some fun for to bring She cackled and cluckled The forum they chuckled And said what an old ding-a-ling