PCLinuxOS Magazine June 2009
Issue 30

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  1. The Phoenix Master
    I have always been an artist. I used to be a "mad Windows themer" and was for many many years. Now i have found my way to Linux and applying themes to PCLinuxOS.
  2. apturl
    It brings PCLinuxOS closer to top Linux distributions offering installations of their packages through a web browser.
  3. MiniMe 2009, PCLinuxOS 2009.2 and Zen Mini
    Exciting New Releases!
  4. The Simplest Way To Rip Audio CDs
    Based on the original article by lakicsv in the January 2007 PCLinuxOS Magazine
  5. Forum Foibles
    A little fun from the forum.
  6. Deep From Within The Blogosphere
    We bring you a recent run-in between a Big Bear and a Texas Penguin.
  7. Testimonial: ex-Windows Convert
    This distro is what I have been looking for all these years!
  8. Community Packaging
    This is packaging done by the people of the community for the people of the community.
  9. Update-notifier
    Update-notifier was the brainchild of Maik3531, along with the joint efforts of the PCLinuxOS community.
  10. Georgetoon at PCLinuxOS
    Georgetoon started as a very popular college comic strip feature with the Ohio State Lantern newspaper. Now Mark Szorady is sharing his talent with PCLinuxOS Magazine!
  11. Using AT&T's Newest 3G Modem With MiniMe and 2009.1
    Here's how I got my new AT&T Quicksilver to work in Minime 2008 and 2009.1. This should also work in 2007.
  12. PCLinuxOS Gnome
    Even though PCLinuxOS is primarily a KDE distribution, some prefer the GNOME as a default desktop install.
  13. ms_meme's little nook
    Standing by THE MAN
  14. The Phoenix Has Risen
    Sproggy announced the availability of PCLinuxOS XFCE RC1 codename Phoenix.
  15. Through the Lens
    "Through the Lens" is a column about digital photography using the PCLinuxOS distribution.
  16. Scripts-R-Us
    The beautiful thing about scripts is that they let you fully customize your environment and occasionally share the scripts you have written to make other people's lives easier.
  17. Testimonial: Keeping my 10-year-old laptop alive and running
    It has a sticker on it that says "designed for Microsoft Windows 98". Thanks to PCLinuxOS Gnome Edition, it runs quite fast.
  18. Graphic File Formats Comparison
    Hopefully, this brief overview will help sort out which graphic format is most useful for your use.