PCLinuxOS Magazine May 2008
Issue 21

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  • User's TestimonialsNew user's reactions to PCLOS.
  1. Don't ComplainA lot of folks new to Linux and/or the FOSS community, or not aware of the community spirit that has been past along through the years, do not remember the mantra that made/makes FOSS the best software in the world.
  2. Managing your iPodFirst the problem... This is a Windows iPod with a vfat filesystem. As received, the iPod would automount and I could see it in Konqueror and seemingly add music to it using Amarok. The problem was when unplugged the iPod didn't think it had any songs.
  3. PCLinuxOS 2007 ReviewEvery once in a while a Linux distribution comes along that causes hype. It's not one of your regular Linux distributions, something is special about it.
  4. Quick fix for Damaged Xorg.confThis way you always have a backup of your most current working xorg.conf, just in case something goes wrong, you can quickly fix it.
  5. Something DifferentThis article will be some reflection on the material I have written in the past six issues of this magazine.
  6. Chapter 2 - Part 2 KDE User GuideThis guide has been modified by Papawoob to reflect the Linux distribution of PCLinuxOS 2007.
  7. PCLOS Case sticker InfoGet rid of those "Designed for Microsoft Windows" stickers and get "Powered by PCLinuxOS" instead!