PCLinuxOS Magazine March 2008
Issue 19

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  1. Dansguardian HowtoPCLOS forum user frequently have asked how to set up safe internet surfing for their families, schools, etc. Here are the instructions.
  2. How to Print to a shared Windows printerHaving the printer connected to the windows box is an easy way to share a printer on a home network. The following methods have worked ... for XP systems, but it may work for Vista as well.
  3. Miro, Miro, on the wallWouldn't it be great to be able to use one video player regardless of whether you were running Windows, MAC, or Linux? That is just what the Miro player promises and delivers.
  4. NVidia FAQWhich legacy driver should you use? Here are the cards that work with the nvidia_71xx and the nvidia_96xx drivers.
  5. KDE User Guide Chapter 1We're reprinting this guide to KDE on PCLOS. This is for all our newest linux users.
  6. Straightforward Directions for RemastermeHowto for experienced PCLOS-ers.
  7. TipsManage your ipod with Floola, imrove your video playback, update your system's pci and usb data, and recover your desktop.