PCLinuxOS Magazine February 2008
Issue 18

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  1. Configure MozPlugger To Play MidiYou have mozplugger. You have timidity. Now you can make them work together to play midi files directly from the internet.
  2. How To Recover A Lost Root PasswordOk, even PCLOS veterans may lose their passwords. These users figured out how to recover everything, even if you lose the all-powerful "root" password.
  3. How To Setup autofsUse autofs to automatically connect Samba shares.
  4. Nvidia DualheadHere's some simple steps to install dual monitors with an nvidia graphics card.
  5. REALbasicRekindle your interest in programming with this easy to learn and use language.
  6. Setup Xampp And JoomlaThis article will help you setup Joomla.
  7. Tip For Better VideoIf you have problems with video playback, take a look at this article.
  8. Hardware DatabaseSend in a hardware report to the PCLOS hardware database. Here's how.
  9. Case StickersHave you ever gotten tired of looking at those "Designed for Microsoft Windows"? You can now do something about it.