PCLinuxOS Magazine December 2006
Issue 4

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  • EditorialThere are reviews of three music management applications, an open source replacement for AOL's interface, and a collection of links that should prove useful for newbies and experts alike. There is an announcement about the PCLinuxOS Small Office Home Office (SOHO) edition, and four how-to articles.
  1. Music Players: The Good, The Bad and The UglyI have for a long time been curious about which music player was the best. I've browsed through threads on various forums over the years and read many different opinions.
  2. How To Connect To AOL Using A Dial Up ModemHaving spent several hours figuring this out, I thought that I should put it in a how-to, so that anyone who is still using dial up and AOL ("BIP" to the Europeans) would be able to connect to the Internet while using Linux.
  3. Small office and home office.How often do we see or hear that phrase or its acronym SOHO? There are lots of software offerings that proclaim they are SOHO editions of business applications.
  4. The Network File System (NFS) enables file access for Linux-only networks. Those who need to connect to network file shares with Windows machines need to use Samba.
  5. How to Set up a Printer in a Windows WorkgroupThis tutorial will show you how to print from PCLinuxOS to a printer connected to a Windows computer on a home network. Make sure your printer is turned on.
  6. Creating Thumbnail Galleries of your PicturesI take pictures with my digital camera every time I get a chance to head into the mountains around Denver, CO. Like most people, I fail to organize the pictures when I download them and they just accumulate in date-coded folders on my computer.
  7. Adding a Menu Item - Step by StepSo you just installed a new piece of software and it did not get added to the menus. Don't worry, it is easy to add something to the menu structure.
  8. Tech Support JokesUNIX Convention
  9. Bookmarks for New UsersThese bookmarks will make it easier for many newcomers to Linux. They cover a wide range of topics and vary from very basic to advanced. If you know of any other useful links that we haven't included, please post to the original thread or send them to PCLinuxOS Magazine