PCLinuxOS Magazine September 2006
Issue 1

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  1. mv elitism >> /dev/nullWhere did this elitism come from? Where and when did Linux and open source become about the mentality "you must be this knowledgeable to ride?"
  2. Susan Linton and the Tuxmachines"Just in the 6 years since I began using Linux, I've seen a lot of improvement in many areas. The key areas are hardware detection and auto-configuration."
  3. Stan's RantWhy is Vista still flawed and why is it taking so long to bring to fruition?
  4. ode to texstarA poetic tribute!
  5. Ten Reasons to Try PCLinuxOSI arrived at a clean, good looking desktop and began to explore - and I haven't looked back!
  6. PCLOS Minime - Run Live from Hard Disk DriveThis releases the CD Drive for other operations, eliminates the noise of a fast spinning CD, and also runs much faster - much closer to the speed of an actual install than running live from a CD.
  7. A Simplified Look at Basic RPM PackagingBuilding your first RPMs
  8. Scanning for rootkits with Rootkit HunterHow to install Rootkit Hunter from the PCLOS repositories, update it, and run a complete check of your system.
  9. Speed up your Boot ProcessA short guide on how you may be able to speed up your booting time a little.
  10. A Look at FreespireIf you're interested in an operating system that can run both open source and commercial software, Freespire may be the one for you.