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Good Words, Good Deeds, Good News

compiled by Meemaw

Dexter the Bipedal Dog

Dexter, a Brittany Spaniel in Ouray, California, lost one of his front legs in an accident when he was just a puppy. Since then, he has learned to overcome his loss in a very different way.

His owner, Kentee, after leaving him at the bottom of the porch stairs one day, discovered that he could climb to the top of the stairs on his own: NOT by crawling with three legs, but by using his back legs and stepping up the stairs like his owner.

Kentee takes him on walks all the time (Brittanys need lots of exercise), and he has gotten fairly famous for his different way of getting around. According to the American Kennel Club's website, "Bright and eager at home, and tireless afield, Brittanys require a lot of exercises, preferably with their favorite humans. Brittanys are smaller than setters but leggier than spaniels, standing about 20 inches at the shoulder. Their beautiful, boldly patterned coat comes in combinations of white and vivid orange and liver (reddish-brown). They are rugged and strong but smooth, clean, and quick afoot."

He goes to the vet regularly, to make sure he's in good shape, and has been in several parades.

Elderly Man Found in Retention Pond

In Orange County, Florida, Dan had left home without his medication and got into a little trouble. He had been missing since the previous day. The police had been summoned and Sheriff's Deputy Jones was searching along with others. Jones spotted the 81 year-old man in a pond and he and another officer pulled him out. He was soaking wet, but seemed to be alright.

First responders arrived and took the man to the hospital. The Sheriff's office had a clip from the officer's body cam that they posted on Twitter. The public response was overwhelming, praising the officer for rescuing the man.

Superhero Window Washers

At the Children's Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, everyone helps to lift the patients' spirits, including some particular people. Pro-Clean International, a local window-washing company, started about five years ago dressing up as Santa Clause and elves during the Christmas season. Now they dress up whenever they are at the hospital - as superheroes.

In July, they arrived to wash the windows and the kids got a surprise. "The window cleaners were dressed as iconic characters from comic books and movies, such as Iron Man, Batman, Deadpool, and Superman, plus other heroes."

Dog Found After Two Months

The Tom Moore Cave System in Perry County, Missouri, is a 22 mile-long cave system that groups like to explore. In mid-August, a group was exploring and came upon a dog, huddled in the darkness. She was alive, but wouldn't move or get up for anyone.

Gerry, one of the explorers, volunteered to go back to the surface and try to recruit more help, and also started going door-to-door to try to find the dog's owner. A man named Jeff appeared at the cave after hearing that someone may have found his dog, who had been missing for nearly two months. When he heard the dog's description, he was sure it was his dog, 13 year-old Abby.

She allowed them to put her in a duffle bag and be carried to the surface, a trip that also involved a lift through a tight, vertical passageway. She was totally cooperative. It is unknown how she got down there, but the thought was that the cave flooded during the last rain and she got swept along in the current. Jeff reports that she is doing well now.

Man Creates Benches At Bus Stops

James rides the bus on a regular basis in Denver, Colorado. After riding the bus and seeing the same problem at several stops, he realized that the bus passengers were sitting on the ground waiting for the bus - because there was no place to sit at the bus stop. "For people to have to sit in the dirt while they're waiting for a bus is just undignified," said the young man, who works with the Colorado Workforce Development Council.

James took action. He started building benches to place at the bus stops. There are thousands of bus stops in Denver, but he didn't let that deter him. He's made eight so far, and now people have stepped up to help. Each of James' benches is carved with the same message, "Be Kind"

A Twitter post states, "This is James. He noticed that bus stops in his neighborhood didn't have any benches and people would often sit on the ground. So he went around, collected scrap wood, and started making free benches. He's already installed eight so far."

Boy Always Dreamed Of Owning His Own Farm

Eight year-old John-Luke has always dreamed of owning a farm. When he moved to a rural property in Pennsylvania, he was hoping he could grow enough to have a produce stand, using some of the food from his grandmother's garden nearby. Unfortunately, one of their goats, Lucky, had other plans for the vegetables, destroying most of his grandmother's garden and eating his acquisitions.

That didn't deter John-Luke. He still has the produce stand, using what he can from his grandmother's garden, but he also goes to the Snyder County Produce Auction to get the rest. He likes to grow sunflowers and pumpkins, but his customers are also interested in cantaloupe and zucchini. He goes to the auction early on Mondays to get the freshest produce. He also likes to add an exotic twist to his selection when he can. "I try to get the colorful cauliflower or the Roman cauliflower," he says. He pretty much runs everything on his own and helps feed the community through his farm stand, where he offers items such as zucchini bread and relish made with ingredients from his garden.

He's still saving for a farm!

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