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PCLinuxOS Recipe Corner Bonus:

Chicken Milanese With Fresh Tomato Sauce


6 1/2 teaspoons olive oil
2 cups grape tomatoes cut lengthwise in half
1 large shallot, chopped
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
1/4 cup dry red wine
1/2 cup chopped fresh basil leaves
1/2 cup Italian-style panko crispy bread crumbs
1/4 cup grated fresh parmesan cheese
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (1 1/2 lb)
Cooking spray


1. In a 12-inch nonstick skillet, heat 2 teaspoons of the oil over medium-high heat. Cook tomatoes, shallots, salt and pepper in oil for 4 minutes, stirring frequently, until shallots are tender. Stir in wine; cook 30 seconds longer. Remove from heat; transfer to medium bowl. Stir in basil; cover to keep warm.

2. In a shallow bowl, mix bread crumbs and cheese. In the same skillet, heat remaining 4 1/2 teaspoons oil over medium heat. Spray both sides of chicken with cooking spray; coat with bread crumb mixture. Cook chicken in oil for 12 to 15 minutes, turning once, until juice of chicken in oil for 12 to 15 minutes, turning once, until juice of chicken is clear when the center of thickest part is cut (at least 165F).

3. On each of 4 plates, place 1 chicken breast; spoon sauce evenly over chicken.


Calories: 813           Carbs: 42.2g           Fiber: 6.9g           Sodium: 873.5mg

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