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Champions Of Regnum On PCLinuxOS

by Alessandro Ebersol

Champions of Regnum (Regnum online previously) is a multiplayer 3D medieval fantasy online RPG video game, produced in Argentina by NGD Studios (currently NGE), for free to anyone, with the option to pay for premium content.

It is available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, English and French. The game has 3 servers and an experimental one (for testing), which are "Ra" (international server) "Haven" (international server, mainly in English) "Valhalla" (Germany) and the experimental "Amon". The word "Regnum" comes from Latin and means kingdom.

The game focuses on the conflict between three kingdoms, with gameplay revolving around realm versus realm combat. Players fight in groups against players from opposing factions and capture forts and castles. In addition, the usual character development, typical in other games of the genre, is present, as well as battles between players and monsters.

The Story

Three kingdoms face off to collect 6 gems. Each kingdom has 2 gems, gems that, when fully collected, will open the great portal, allowing access to a new and mystical place. This place has secret rewards that represent the popular will of the kingdom. Once inside this portal, a dragon will appear, which, through a list, will give the wish that most decide. Something like DragonBall.

The 3 Kingdoms of Champions of Regnum


In the north of the world, there is a cold and hard to live region, characterized by its snowy and mountainous landscape. This region is especially characterized by the strength, determination and courage of its warriors.

Dwarves came from far and wide in search of new land. The encounter with the Norse was not peaceful, and the two races sparked a bloody war. However, they found that they had similar elements and desires and established a lasting alliance. The arrival of the utghars led to the creation of the Alsius Empire. They decided to build their main fortification in the city of Montsognir, to combat the threat from the elves inhabiting Syrtis and the dark settlers of Ignis. The war between Alsius and the elves stems from a confused episode that ended the life of the leader of that empire. Since then, Garm, the Emperor of Alsius, has summoned his people to guide them to conquer new lands, looking for minerals, valued by the forges for the construction of their weapons.

Races of Alsius:

  • Nordos (Human)

  • Uthgars

  • Dwarves

  • Lamai


To the southwest, the oldest civilization persists. Still beautiful, despite having passed its years of splendor, it is green and full of life, full of trees and lakes. The archers of the Republic of Syrtis are famous for being the most deadly of all.

Before the great exile, the inhabitants of the kingdom lived in harmony and peace. The arrival of the igneous and the war that they unleashed was the origin of the division of the elvish houses, because after the victory some took the weapons and spells of their enemies, studying and dominating them. The elves saw a threat to their society in this, so they exiled their countrymen. Fearing possible revenge, the natives allied themselves with the Alturians and the two races intermingled, giving rise to the semi-elves. The union of the two cultures gave rise to the cultural capital of the world, with its greatest exponent in the city of Fisgael. However, the unknown threat is still latent, and the arrival of the invaders from Alsius forced the elves to take up arms, intolerant of any attack on their beautiful lands.

Syrtis Races:

  • Elves from the forest

  • Alturians (Human)

  • Semi-elves

  • Lamai


Located to the east, there is an arid, mountainous and desert area. Active volcanoes and imposing mountains give a special view to this sea of dunes. Here are the magicians who stand out above all others, due to their knowledge of forbidden magic.

Banished from their lands by an ancient enmity with Syrtis, the dark elves arrived in the desert lands of Ignis. Exiled because of the dark magic practices they found useful, they hold a special grudge against those who rightfully took their homes and against the invaders of Alsius who threatened their rule. Necromancers allied to moloks and skelios to address the threat of both opponents (Syrtis and Alsius), founding the city of resistance, Altaruk.

Ignis Races:

  • Dark Elves

  • Skelios (Human)

  • Moloks

  • Lamai

The map of the kingdoms in Champions of Regnum


In Regnum Online, there are three classes and each has two subclasses or professions, which the player can choose to work in the best way he/she wants. Each of these classes differ widely from the others, providing great variety to the game.

Upon reaching level 10, the player gets a chance to choose one new class, product of the division of the one he/she is in.

Warriors are the front line in Regnum. Their presence keeps groups together and allows coordination, while protecting classes at a distance. They lead the charge and punish those who cannot escape quickly. The main attribute for warriors is strength. Gives them greater physical damage, focus on the spell and more space in the inventory. The constitution is also important, as it increases the health bar and offers resistance against hits / stunning. Upon reaching level 10, the player can choose between the Barbarian or Knight skill tree.

Barbarians are one of the most offensive subclasses of Champions of Regnum, with a focus on hand-to-hand combat. Warriors who choose the barbarian's path gain access to two-handed weaponry and two unique disciplines, Two-Handed weapons' fight and Battlecry. They are the strongest pure damage class in the game, capable of normal brutal attacks, which can make them deadly up close. Along with good damage, barbarians can also be one of the fastest classes in the game.

Knights are one of Champions of Regnum defensive subclasses, focusing on hand-to-hand combat. Warriors who choose to follow the knight subclass gain access to the heaviest armor, in addition to 2 unique disciplines, Vanguard and Shields. Their armor provides the highest basic protection of all classes, which, together with their powers, can make them more difficult to take down. Knights also specialize in using shields and, as a result, they also have a chance to block attacks.

Wizards are a class specializing in ranged combat, dealing damage and supporting allies. They use magic staves as weapons, allowing them to attack from a distance without using ammunition. Unlike the other classes, the wizard gains three additional discipline trees after choosing a subclass, in addition to gaining additional discipline and power points. Upon reaching level 10, the player can choose between the skill tree Warlock or Conjurer.

Warlocks are subclasses of the magician and are one of the most powerful damage dealers in the kingdoms of Regnum. In addition to being a capable area nuker, the wizard is also able to cast effective crowd control spells, cause damage over time, and disturb the enemy using many powerful curses. Together, these skills make the wizard a dangerous and often targeted opponent.

Conjurers are a subclass of the Wizard. Although his standard role is as a healer and support line, taking one lightly is a big mistake. Like all mages, conjurers lack defense, evasion and health, but they have a wide range of crowd-control powers to help overcome these weaknesses. A skilled conjurer can play with his opponent, stunning and knocking him down at will. In addition to crowd control, the conjurer also has access to many damage reduction powers, healing magic and the ability to summon a creature or spirit to assist him/her in battle. Conjurers commanding ghosts, golems, liches and demons are a common sight in the kingdoms of Regnum.

Rangers focus on ranged combat using short and long bows. Rangers are faster than any other class and have a higher evasion rate. The ranger's main attribute is dexterity, giving greater damage to the bow, focusing on the spell and evasion rate. Rangers, without a specific secondary attribute, can choose a balance between concentration, intelligence and constitution. Upon reaching level 10, the player can choose between the Marksman or Hunter skill tree.

The marksman is a class that has good defense and attack, but lacks support. This combination makes them good at PVP, but they are also an essential part of any RVR battle. Their massive range and fast high damage allow them to finish off retreating or wounded enemies. Their debuffs are also quite effective, as they are unique and tend to confuse the enemy. Marksmen have the same great evasion skills as the hunter, but they also have impressive damage-dealing skills. With expanded range and increased accuracy, they can mercilessly attack unwary opponents who think they are at a safe distance.

Hunters are a unique class. Depending on their disciplines, they can be great enemies in fair pvp or silent backstabbers who hit enemies in their moments of weakness. Rangers who choose this subclass give up Marksman's accuracy and increased damage, but gain the use of more interesting spells and abilities. Hunters can tame pets, but without their pets, they are weak compared to the other five subclasses, with no real power improvements. With that in mind, they need to use and sometimes abuse their stealth techniques to kill their enemies.

How to play

When starting the game, each player has the possibility to choose one of the three kingdoms of the game: Alsius, Ignis or Syrtis. As these regions are in constant conflict, the users themselves will form part of the ranks of either kingdom. After the kingdom is chosen, the player will be able to create his character (up to three per account, with the possibility of expanding through Premium content, up to a total of six) and customize it by choosing race, gender, height, color hair etc.

After that, the game itself begins. Throughout it, the player must perform quests and interact with other players to develop and be able to take full advantage of the main feature provided by Champions of Regnum, which is group combat.

Battle in the forest

The character's evolution system is adjusted in such a way that it is necessary to advance to a medium/high level in order to participate in battles (approximately level 45, which is achieved with relative ease). From that level, the required experience curve increases considerably, which requires the player to play a considerable amount of time before reaching its maximum level, level 60. The game has a large number of quests of various types. An NPC can ask to kill several specific monsters, another to kill a character from another kingdom, deliver a package to another NPC or others who tell about the history of the world that surrounds this game.

The main objective of the game is to obtain the six gems, distributed equally among the three kingdoms that make up the game (Syrtis, Alsius and Ignis), conquering the defenses of the enemy kingdoms and, later, entering the enemy territory to steal the gems, in addition to defend your own kingdom and prevent them from stealing the gems mentioned.

Character creation screen

Premium Content

Despite being a completely free game, Regnum Online offers the possibility to obtain new content, paying in real money. However, NGD • Studios "guarantees" that Premium content does not affect the balance between paying and non-paying players. Which is questionable, as the accumulation of legendary, epic, magical and magnanite items (an element for the manufacture of weapons and armor) exponentially increases the amount of damage and defense of the characters who use them. Premium content, which for international server accounts (created on the official page of Champions of Regnum ) is paid via PayPal (international) and PagoFácil (Argentina) and, recently, the SMS payment method was introduced in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and soon to other countries. Consists of buying mounts (horses and creatures for faster movement), character customization items (special haircuts, hair and clothing dyes, exotic hair dyes), experience multipliers, health and mana potions to increase reserves faster, scrolls to transport between points, scrolls to instantly rise to level 45 (of 60), repair hammers to keep the equipment in top condition, possibility to expand the maximum number of characters in the account (3) to 6 permanently, and is constantly expanding.

System requirements:

  •   AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.9 GHz or Intel Core2Duo E6600 2.4 GHz

  •   2 gigabytes of RAM

  •   NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 9830

Game website:

There, you register, and download the client for the game, which has a 64-bit native Linux version.

Client download:

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