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Game Zone: Last Chaos In PCLinuxOS

by Alessandro Ebersol (Agent Smith)

Welcome! The medieval fantasy world of Last Chaos awaits you! Choose from 9 different character classes and discover the war torn continent of Iris! Master your class by choosing a class specialization and become a hero!

  • Find new friends in an active community, fight other players and even become a castle lord.

  • Join other players at one of the many community events, organized by our community team.

  • If you are an explorer, dive into the dungeons and raids and pick up some items.

  • Or level up your pet, evolve it and ride into battle!

The choice is yours...

Well, so is the presentation of Last Chaos, a 3D fantasy and action MMORPG created in South Korea, by T-Entertainment, in 2006.

A little history

First launched in 2006, Last Chaos is a 3D fantasy MMORPG. It presents some of the typical aspects of an MMORPG, such as a breeding system, a companion / pet and PvP. In addition, there is the Chaos System, which allows you to join a Chaos Club that rewards players with titles and special items just for exploring the game world. Last Chaos is definitely one of the oldest MMORPGs available on the market. It has been in service for over 10 years and has stood the test of time.

Last Chaos has a somewhat complicated history. Launched in November 2006, it was produced by Korean developer T-Entertainment and was one of the first games published by Aeria Games Entertainment, a publisher of several games like Grand Fantasia and Scarlet Blade. Last Chaos is now owned and hosted by Gamigo. This change took place in December 2013, when Aeria decided to end Last Chaos and transfer the game to Gamigo. There is not much information on the reason for the change, other than Aeria thinking it was time to change and move on.

Now, let's explore several aspects of the game, starting with its plot.

The Story of Last Chaos

The game takes place in the fictional world of Iris, which, after the confrontation of the gods, was plunged into chaos and devastation. The player will decide which side to fight on: on the side of the world, supporting Apollo, or will he join the ranks of Eres and destroy Iris for his own benefit? Each player's action will leave a mark on the entire world, so the plot develops. Depending on the alliances created and the wars unleashed, the future is formed.

Main Features

  • An additional dungeon system that the player can pass alone. There is no need to look for a group and act as a team to pass.

  • It has a guild system. The guild has the opportunity to declare war on another guild, which creates many more PvP situations. At the same time, other players can bet on the winner.

  • During battle, weapons hurt everyone in their path, regardless of whether they are from the same guild / faction or not. It is worth paying special attention to this and playing the game more carefully.

  • The opportunity to participate in sieges of castles, where a large number of people participate. During sieges, one side tries to defend its castle and the enemy tries to destroy it.

  • The player can not only purchase the items, but also create them for later use or for sale and obtain financial benefits.

  • The cap (maximum level that can be reached) of the game is 185, which guarantees a good playing time.

The Last Chaos

The classes in Last Chaos are interesting because, when choosing a class, and when evolving your character in the chosen class at a certain level, it is possible to choose between two possible evolutions, and this can be done when you reach level 31 of your character's evolution.


Titan is a strong melee class, which can face several opponents at the same time and cause a lot of damage. He also has many health points.

Titans are powerful allies in the fight against the forces of darkness. They impress with their size and power and are particularly good in melee. In addition, they are powerful companions who defy all dangers. Their weakness is magic.

Upon reaching Level 31, the Titan can choose between two specializations: Warmaster or Highlander.

Warmaster: Warmaster is known for using the sword he uses to easily attack several opponents at the same time. He also has a lot of health and skills to support his allies.

Highlander: The Highlander chose the ax as his favorite weapon, which he knows how to swing with great speed, to take down several enemies. If his health points drop to a certain value, he can expose his full potential.


Knight has a very high defense as a Templar and knows how to protect his allies. He can also be very good as a royal knight.

The Knight is the protector of the weak and is characterized mainly by his high defense, through his heavy armor. He also has many useful skills to strengthen his allies.

At level 31, the knight can choose between the two specializations: Royal Knight and Templar Knight.

Royal Knight: The Royal Knight is known for his extraordinary two-sword fighting skills. He has good defense values, but he can also do serious damage to his opponents.
Templar Knight: The Templar fights with the sword and shield and therefore has a very high defense and numerous skills to protect his allies.


As a cleric, the healer knows how to keep her group alive. However, when she assumes the role of Damage Dealer as an Archer, she keeps her opponents under control with her bow. The healer is very light and wears light armor, which makes her very easy to attack. To compensate for this disadvantage, she has numerous healing and protection skills, which can also be applied to her allies.

At level 31, the healer can choose between the two specializations Archer and Cleric.

Archer: the Archer is a fragile elf who attacks her opponents from a distance. She has a high attack and knows how to put enemies out of action with her many skills.

Cleric: The cleric is a strong healer and magician. She can save her allies from harm or renew their lives. She also has many buffs for added protection.

This class has only the female gender.


Mage is perfect for dealing with magic and the elements. She knows how to throw powerful fireballs or force her opponent to kneel with terrible curses.

Mages are perfect for dealing with magic and use the strength of the elements on their opponents with strong attacks. This powerful force also makes them vulnerable to physical attacks.

At level 31, the wizard can choose between two specializations: Witch and Wizard.

Witch: The witch exposes her opponents with terrible curses, which deprive them of vitality to heal themselves. In addition, the witch may stun, blind or put her opponents to sleep to make them non-combative.
Wizard: Wizard chose the staff as her weapon with which she is able to harness the powerful force of the elements to use them in attacks against her enemies. The wizard has many skills that she uses to face several opponents at the same time.

This class has only the female gender.


Rogue attacks quickly and with great damage from invisibility to neutralize her opponents. Rogues have speed and high precision.

Rogue is a master of camouflage and can become invisible to her opponents and then attack them from behind. She is very agile and can do great damage with her attacks. On the other hand, she prefers to avoid direct confrontations.

At level 31, Rogue can choose between the two specializations: Assassin and Ranger.

Assassin: The assassin attacks quickly and deliberately with her two daggers, which she can throw at a greater distance and therefore, do great damage. In difficult situations, she can also make her opponents unable to move or fake her death to fool her enemies.

Ranger: Ranger uses a crossbow to kill her enemies from a safe distance, sometimes even several at the same time. She has a high degree of accuracy and rarely misses the mark.
This class has only the female gender.


The Sorcerer can summon powerful Elementals or transform oneself. Therefore, he has a variety of different attacks, which can be used depending on the situation. The Sorcerer is one with nature and the elements he created to use both for his protection and to attack.

At level 31, the sorcerer can choose between the two specializations: Elementalist and Specialist.

Elementalist: The elementalist can summon the spirits of the earth, fire, water and air so that they can support him in his struggles and he himself does not enter the trajectory. He also has useful skills to strengthen his allies.
Specialist: The specialist never fights in his own form, but uses the power of the elements to transform himself into a metal knight or a fiery demon. While the form of the knight has a strong defense, the form of the demon is particularly dangerous with its quick attacks.


Ex-Rogue comes from the dark side of Ascadia and uses the skills of the night to her advantage to reach her opponents while she's covered by shadows and attack them from behind. She is a fast fighter with great attack power.

At level 31, the Ex-Rogue can choose between the two specializations: Ex-Assassin and Ex-Ranger.

Ex-Assassin: The ex-assassin uses daggers to attack her enemies in the dark, as well as numerous negative spells to weaken them in battle. She can also use the power of the night to heal her allies.
Ex-Ranger: Ex-Ranger attacks with the crossbow behind the protection of the dark. It has a very fast attack and a high accuracy and, therefore, should not be underestimated.
This class has only the female gender.


The ArchMage can become one with the elements and knows how to use them like no other against her opponents. She can easily keep many enemies under her power and keep them immobile.

The Archmage is dedicated to the elements and knows how to use them like no other to her advantage.

At level 31, ArchMage can choose between the two specializations ArchWitch and ArchWizard.

ArchWitch: ArchWitch lets the forces of nature rain on their enemies to weaken them and make them non-combative. She is skilled in dealing with the dark arts and knows how to defend herself better and make up for the disadvantages of her light armor.
ArchWizard: ArchWizard can summon ice and fire storms on a variety of enemies and force them to kneel down with their strong attacks. She is a master at dealing with the team and, especially, at effectively fighting multiple opponents.

This class has only the female gender.


NightShadow sucks the soul of his enemies and uses the stolen power to deliver highly damaging shadow attacks.

NightShadow comes from the dark sky of Ascadia and is a special character class. He feeds on the souls of his enemies and uses them for powerful shadow attacks, which can also attack multiple enemies at the same time. He is the only character class in the game that can fly and does not have to choose between two specializations.

NightShadow can only be created if a level 90 character already exists, as it already starts at level 90, that is, if there's already a character, in the server, at the level 90, one can create a NightShadow.

Another difference, for other classes, is that he does not start at Randol, but at Aaron in Egeha. In addition, the NightShadow is not specialized.
Only one NightShadow can be created per server.

Some technical details

A powerful graphics engine shows us the world of Last Chaos like you've never seen it before. With Bump-Mapping-Rendering technology that features models of more than 20,000 - 30,000 polygons, with only 2000 - 3000 polygons, it offers the game a new level of graphic details and interactions in the Last Chaos world. A filtering technology that produces glow effects and texture technology provides a more realistic atmosphere. Last Chaos is the first major online multiplayer game using this technology. The graphics engine of Last Chaos is the Serious Engine, the same engine of the games in the Serious Sam series, and was the only time it was used in MMORPGS.

How to make it work in PCLinuxOS?

Is not difficult. You will only need Play-On-Linux or Winetricks. Either works well. You will also need the Wine Launcher Creator.

You must install Directx9C, either with Winetricks or with Play-On-Linux.

Then, register an account on the website Download the installer, and install normally with Wine.

Here a gameplay video, of the game running in PCLinuxOS:

Detail: The game does not create an entry in the Wine menu, so Wine Launcher Creator should be used to create the game's executable icon.

I hope you enjoy it, and have one more option to spend time in this period of social isolation.

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