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From The Chief Editor's Desk

Apologies are in order. The magazine is later than "normal" this month. I have been dealing with some "issues" at home, which has consumed considerable time that I would have normally had for getting magazine business done.

We're fortunate where I live that the weather has been relatively mild thus far. We've only had a handful of days that were hot and humid, as is typically the case. But, on one of those days, we found out that our aging central air conditioner had failed. Central air conditioning units are designed to last 15 to 18 years. Mine is 21 years old. It's definitely time to be replaced. That's issue number one.

I contacted my trusted HVAC guy to get things rolling with replacing the failing and aging AC unit. It would require some finagling of the existing duct work, along with a new compressor unit outside, and a new condenser coil on the inside. The initial quote for replacement was $3,400. That's not a bad price for a 3 ton central air unit.

Of course, I didn't (and don't) just have that much money just lying around. So, I had to contact my bank to procure a personal line of credit that would cover the replacement cost. That took a little bit of time to process. Banks never seem to be in much of a hurry.

So, with the personal line of credit from my bank in hand, I contacted my HVAC guy again to see about getting started on the replacement of the central A/C unit. He then informed me that he noticed some asbestos tape used along the joints of the ductwork, and that asbestos had to be professionally removed. This had to be done before he could do the necessary modifications on the existing ductwork that the new unit required. That asbestos remediation is going to cost another $400. Asbestos is some NASTY, NASTY stuff, and inhaling its fibers can lead to mesothelioma, which is a form of lung cancer. No one wants or needs that! Typically, the asbestos doesn't pose a problem until and unless it is disturbed ... which my HVAC guy will have to do to make the necessary ductwork modifications. And that is issue number two.

Add in a few school functions at my son's school, plus setting aside some time to celebrate Easter with the kids, plus working full time at the hospital, plus teaching a neonatal resuscitation program skills lab (I'm an instructor), plus being Mr. Mom on the days I'm off (my wife and I work opposite days so one of us is always home with the kids), and my free time that I usually have for magazine duties filled up quickly.

So, I am the reason that the magazine is released a bit late this month. I simply ran out of time with all of the extra things requiring my attention. In fact, at times, it all seemed a bit overwhelming.

Until next month, I bid you peace, happiness, serenity and prosperity. And here's hoping that the next month isn't quite as busy or eventful.

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