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Meemaw's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

by Meemaw

I've been so busy this year, December has snuck up on me! Time for holiday shopping again!

Three of my go-to sites are Amazon, Bits & Pieces and LLBean. You can find many interesting things at each of those sites. We'll start with Amazon.

Gravity Maze       $29.99

This is basically a science game. The object is to build a structure that takes your marble from a starting cube to a target cube. You are given a card with a specific color pattern on it, that you must build. The card also includes an addition to your maze, which must be constructed so that the marble goes in at the starting point, falls through or out of several other cubes on its journey to a certain ending point. Although it probably starts with easy patterns, I'm sure it gets harder later.

This is one of a set of five games. The others are Circuit Maze, Rush Hour, Roller Coaster Challenge and Laser Maze, each of which concentrate on Math, Engineering or Science, for age 8 or above.

Lever Gear Pro-Clip       $32.00

This is a credit card sized tool kit which also happens to be a money clip. The clip comes off if you need one of the tools under it. It looks pretty handy for small jobs, and could be used in place of a wallet.

One of my other favorite sites is Bits and Pieces. They always have some really unique items.

Saturn Wind Spinner       $16.99

I love wind chimes, but some people don't like the noise. Instead of wind chimes, this wind spinner will light up at night and spin around, showing seven different colors as it spins. It has a solar panel to charge up the lights and a carabiner to hang it.

1200 piece Grandfather Clock Jigsaw Puzzle       $19.99

Bits and Pieces has several really awesome jigsaw puzzles. This one is a 1,200-piece grandfather clock measuring 17" x 54". It comes with a battery operated clock mechanism, so it can be put together and used.

Water Lily Serenity Fountain       $34.99

Some people like fountains, and this one is interesting. Water is pumped to the top bloom, then spills over into the other two before falling down into the pot. If you like fountains, this is a pretty one.

Four Colorful Brainteasers       $12.99

Here are four brainteaser puzzles, each measuring 2" in diameter. The object is to take each apart and put it back together (without too much frustration!)

Retro Robot Mug       $8.99

This is a 12 oz. ceramic coffee mug. It has a cute retro design that someone on your list might love.

Another site I visit is LLBean. They have loads of outdoor clothing and sports supplies, along with some different activity sets.

Slackers Night Riderz Kids' Zip Line       $199.95

I've done a couple of ziplines, and thoroughly enjoyed them! This is a set for ages 8 - 14 that you can set up in your backyard. The set contains a 100' steel zipline cable, a steel trolley with rubber handles and an LED-lit seat for night rides. It will hold up to 200 pounds.

Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball       $39.95

This is an ice cream freezer! There are two chambers inside, one for the ice cream mix and one for the ice & salt. Fill them and seal them up and then play with the ball for 30 minutes. When you open it up, the ice cream will be soft-frozen, ready to enjoy. There is a quart size and a pint size (pictured here). The quart size is $49.99, but last time I looked they were out of stock.

2-Gallon Crock       $74.00

My mother-in-law used to make pickles in crocks like this! LL Bean has this one available, and you can just use it as an accent in your home. However, it is glazed and fired correctly to make pickles in, if you so desire.

Be sure to check out the holiday gift ideas from parnote, YouCanToo and phorneker, elsewhere in this issue. I hope you find something awesome for someone on your list!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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