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Repo Review: Converseen, A Batch Image Processor

by CgBoy

This month I'll review a program in the repository called Converseen. Converseen is a batch image processor. It allows you to resize, rotate, flip, and convert many images at once. It could be very useful if you had a whole lot of images that needed resizing or converting into a different format.

When you add images into Converseen, they'll appear in a box on the right of the window. There you can check or uncheck the images you want to change. A preview of the currently selected image is on the left, along with some information about the image size, format, etc.

Converseen can convert images into over 100 different formats. These would of course include the most popular formats, like .jpg, .png, .gif, etc. There are some compression settings as well. If you have some semi-transparent images loaded into Converseen, you can then change the color of the transparent areas.

At the left side of the window, below the image preview, are the image scale, resolution, and rotation settings. When changing the image scale, you can set it to keep the aspect ratio of the image. The images can be rotated 90 or 180 degrees, and flipped vertically or horizontally. Below those settings are the image saving options. From there you can set the output directory, or just use the same location as the images. And you can choose to rename the images, or just overwrite the original files.

Converseen can also import a PDF file, and load the images embedded in the document. Converseen is supposed to be able to import .ico icon files, but for whatever reason, it would cause the program to crash every time I tried. I'm not too sure how useful these two features are though.


So, what do you think of Converseen? I think that it could be extremely useful for easily converting many images at once, or scaling them down so they'll take up less disk space. It's well designed and easy to use. Whether or not I actually have any use for the program, I don't know. But for those who do, I recommend it. Oh, and I apologize for this article being so short; there just isn't that much to say about a batch image processor!

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