New Guy From Illinois

by Howard Schabow (Howard75)

Hello everyone,

I'm a new member at this forum, but not Linux. I have been using computers for the past 20 years, and Linux for the past 10 years. Through the years, I tried various Linux distributions, starting with RedHat, then Mandrake, Suse, Mepis, Debian, Ubuntu, and others. Finally found PCLinuxOS in 2007, which satisfied all my wants and needs. I started with the 2007 KDE3 edition, later upgraded to the 2009 KDE3 edition, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next version with KDE4.

When I first started playing with Linux, I compared KDE, Gnome, LXDE, Fluxbox, Openbox, Xfce, IceWM, and JWM — and found that I liked KDE the most. I know it's strictly a personal thing, but I come from the Windows world, so I find KDE suits my needs the best. But of course, each to his own. I'm just happy I have a choice of desktop environment. I like to have choices, so I can make the best choice to suit my wants and needs.

I have used all kinds of Microsoft operating systems, starting with DOS, Win3.1, Win95, Win98, Win2K, WinXP, Vista — none are as stable, reliable or secure as Linux. I dual boot my custom built machine with Vista, and let me tell you, PCLinuxOS is so much better. Linux boots quicker, shuts down quicker, is much more responsive, plus I feel much safer on the internet using Linux. Plus I love that it's free to download and install on every computer that I own.

I was even able to get my dad interested in Linux a couple years ago, and now he uses PCLinuxOS exclusively, never uses Windows. He loves that he does not have to worry about viruses and spyware — instead PCLinuxOS just works properly for him. He does not want a bunch of problems, he just wants something that works every time.

Anyway, thanks to all of you.


Finding A New Home

by Thomas Wyker (wyzwyk)

Hello to all. For the last dozen years I've been solely a Windows XP user, but over time have found it more and more difficult to embrace the M$ vision of what the desktop computer experience should be. Many things about the company, their products, and their policies turn me off. A few years back, I started looking for a viable alternative. It was only natural I should give Linux a try, so I started looking at Live CDs from all the major distribution developers.

While many had features I liked, none totally satisfied my needs. However, during my search a few things became very clear to me: 1) I liked the idea of a rolling release far more than a set release date. 2) I'm attracted to the KDE desktop, especially KDE 4.3. 3) It's great to have an active and caring distribution community that you can call upon when help is needed. 4) The distribution needs to be very newbie friendly, but not only so. Taking these needs into account, PCLinuxOS becomes the natural choice. Now that KDE 4 is approaching its second birthday, and fifth version release, I am very excited and anxious to see the PCLinuxOS KDE 4 .iso that Texstar and his crew are putting together. I have a gut feeling it will be AWESOME! With that said, I'm looking forward to joining the PCLinuxOS community and learning all about Linux.

G'Day, from Perth, Western Australia

by Alan Drew (Lucky Blue)

I am now a forum member for a couple of days, a PCLinuxOS user for a couple of months, a Linux user for 6 mouths, a computer user for 40 years, but still a tech ignoramus. It could be that I do not have a logical mind.

I tried Knoppix and Ubuntu, but when I needed to be serious, went for Mepis. I thought it was good, but I had the usual problems, no doubt due to me, not the distro. Then the entire disk got wiped by an 'expert' I brought in to fix the wireless!

An install on a blank disk was an opportunity to review. I wanted easy, reliable, versatile, configurable, etc., so I reckoned that meant KDE, and either Mepis or PCLinuxOS. So, I chose PCLinuxOS that time. The rolling release policy and remasterCD were attractions. I did it myself. Despite what some say, it has not been easy. I had problems with boot-up, downloading, repositories, file managers, partitioning, mounting, mklivecd, etc. Some were fixed by luck, some by forum searching and Googling, some ignorable, and some still hanging around. It is probably me rather than the distro. I want stability, but cannot resist tinkering. (The Gothic horror documentary with my disasters with Windoz may be a future project).

One thing is for sure — PCLinuxOS is clever. I see from recent posts on the forum that the key chaps have day jobs and still work on this '48 hours per day and only 15 minute breaks.' My situation is the opposite: I work 15 minutes, then fun with PCLinuxOS the rest of the day. Anyway, after the mess from configuring and adjusting and bringing in non-repository programs, I am looking forward to the new ISO with KDE4, as I want to do a (final this time) clean install.

I hope this is not too far off — I still have a PC that works despite the aforementioned 'fun,' a tribute to the stability of the distro.

Cheers, and thanks!