Forum Foibles: New Year's Resolutions

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The New Year is now upon us
Oh how the time goes by
Members have made their resolutions
Will they keep them… or just try?

You too can make a committment
Promise PCLOS to be true
Renew your pledge to help
As a way of saying "Thank You"

I resolve to spend all the 300+ days without logging onto windows!!!! even once! That could be a tall order, considering.

I resolve to stay smoke free, and to work hard to get into better physical shape.
Paul Arnote (parnote)

Understand the questions before I post responses.

Rest as much as possible. I've broken all the others I've made. Maybe reverse psychology will work this time?

I'm thinking that 2010, I should shed that crusty shell a bit, when in the presence of close friends.

To get a job that gives me more time to do my art and phoenix.

Learn more of programming. Contribute more to PCLinuxOS. Be a better friend.

Thanks to critter's magazine tutorials I resolve to learn and use a new command each week …for at least 4 weeks.

I resolve to never use my main computer for experimentation… lest it have to be re-installed… but to only use my old laptop that is the extra 'quick-internet-look-up' machine that everyone uses.

My resolution is to take better care of myself and be kinder to my fellow humans… I know that last one is kinda up in the air… but will give it my best.

I resolve to get my piano out of storage and start playing again. It's been in storage since a recent move.

My New Years Resolution: To be more like Neal.

Resolution? I'm just gonna wait for the year to unfold.

I resolve to learn packaging this coming year and spend more time with the grand kids!

Never question the police. Always answer the police.

I resolve to get a webcam and set up Skype under PCLinuxOS to be able to see and talk with my daughter living in Utah. Hey… I don't have any vices.