Testimonial: Satisfied Customer

by demag

It's been about nine months now since I migrated from Mr Gates' product. In that time I have stayed religiously with PCLinuxOS on my main machine. It hasn't all been plain sailing, I remember having to reload the distro twice I think due to mainly my lack of experience. I somehow managed to destroy my gui and got dumped rather quickly back to the command line! For a newbie not used to this sort of treatment it can be quite a shock. And where as a hardened Linux user would not even bat an eyelid at such an event it soon put me into panic mode!

Other than that and a few other little hiccups the change has been remarkably smooth and I can now do 99.9% of tasks on PCLOS that I could in XP without thinking. The other .01% take me weeks to sort out! The command line is still my biggest stumbling block and I wish I was more fluent in its use. I am now just a few years off retiring age and my memory is not what it used to be so quite often I know what I have to do but can't remember how to do it! (as the bishop said to the actress!) I keep plugging away at it though in the hope some of it will stick eventually.

I would like to place on record my gratitude to all the hard working people at PCLinuxOS who toil away quite often in there own time to make sure people like me have somewhere to go in these dark evenings.


(Now all I have to do is get KDE4 working.)